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Cytotec: uses, precautions, side effects and health risks

Cytotec is a drug administered to start labor activity, strengthen contractions, terminate unwanted pregnancy (make an abortion). The drug is also used after labour to stop postpartum bleeding.

Cytotec is a stimulating drug used in female patients to induce contractions of uterus. The drug is used only in labour during pregnancy when it is time to start labour activity, to induce labour activity (strengthen contractions). The medicine is also used in postpartum patients to stop bleeding of uterus due to poor contraction of muscles. Taking this drug during early pregnancy or in the first four weeks of gestation will cause an abortion. In case of labour induction the drug is used alone or in combination with Mefipristone.

Cytotec is also administered to prevent or treat stomach ulcers caused with long term treatment with

such medications as aspirin, ibuprophene, naproxen which are often administered to prevent or control major cardiovascular problems or complications. Cytotec is a must take drug for those patients with gastrointestinal problems in the health history and for those patients who are prone to ulcers development. Starting treatment with Cytotec timely will help to avoid risks of severe ulcer complications including heavy intestinal bleeding. The medicine protects the mucous lining of stomach. The drug lowers the amount of acid with which the linen contacts during digestion.

Before Cytotec purchase you must know how the drug works, what are the key side effects and precautions. Moreover, you must estimate risks for your health. Women must take the drug with great care.

Another brand name of the drug is Misoprostol, thus you can buy Cytotec or Misoprostol online or offline and get effective treatment.

Can I buy Cytotec without prescription?

Cytotec is available for purchase in offline stores only with prescription from your doctor. None of the official online drug stores will let you buy Cytotec without prescription.

Still you can buy Cytotec online cheap with no prescriptions or receipts from your physician, however this does not mean you do not need to see your doctor and to get individual recommendations for Cytotec order.

Cytotec is a drug inducing contractions of muscles especially of uterus. This is a risky condition for a woman and her unborn baby.

Seeing a doctor before Cytotec purchase you will get individual recommendations and warnings. For example, if you get Misoprostol prescription for prevention or treatment of stomach ulcer, then you need to take proper actions for prevention of pregnancy.

Warning! Do not use Cytotec without prescription to terminate pregnancy at home without your gynecologist knowing. This drug can be used to induce abortion only in case of pregnancy located in uterus. Before starting an abortion, you need to know that the pregnancy is not tubal. This condition can be diagnosed only via ultrasound investigation as well as during palpation of your health care provider.

Uncontrolled Cytotec intake can lead to severe or abnormal bleeding of uterus, incomplete abortion or other complicated conditions which require emergency help. Women experience severe pain during contractions and turn unable to control the situation. In some cases they are unable even to call the emergency. Please, do not use Cytotec (Misoprostol) for abortion at home under any condition. If you have a tubal pregnancy, Cytotec will induce contractions, but the pregnancy will not be terminated as the tubes are unable to contract. In this case you will need to make a surgery to extract a tube with pregnancy and to stop uterus bleeding.

Visiting your health care provider will inform you about proper dosages of the drug to buy, the way of intake and the measures of safety. If you buy Cytotec online, please, strictly follow the prescriptions from your doctor. Never order Cytotec in different dosages or never take more pills than it is indicated for your individual case.

How to take Cytotec correctly?

It does not matter where you buy Cytotec: online or offline, you still need to keep to the

instructions. If you risk to buy Cytotec online without your doctor knowing, please, be sure to read the medication guide provided with the pills carefully. Follow the recommendations given in the medication guide.

The medication guide covers average conditions and indications. You will not find specific recommendations for your individual case. Your health care provider will prescribe you a dosage for intake considering your case and biometric parameters:

  •  age
  •  sex
  •  weight
  •  additional conditions and diseases
  •  medicines you take regularly or from time to time

Cytotec for treatment stomach ulcer is prescribed for a certain period of time, however for induction of labour activity the drug is commonly prescribed for a single or two-time intake.

Do never take Cytotec at home for pregnancy termination.

For treatment or prevention of ulcers in stomach, Cytotec is administered to be taken four times a day after meals. Taking the drug on empty stomach may cause diarrhea, nausea and vomiting as a result of changed fermentation.

For abortive activity Cytotec is used in a different way. Commonly a required dosage is inserted into a vagina of a patient. The patient then stays in the clinic under control to monitor labour activity.

Mind, that combining cheap Cytotec with other medications may worsen side effects as well as affect the efficacy of the medicines. If you buy Cytotec without prescription or order Misoprostol online, then, please, read the section of side effects and interactions in medication guide carefully. Avoid taking cheap Misoprostol, if you take interacting drugs. Do not withdraw cardio drugs or medicines regulating hormones or ferments production in your body. Please, consult your health care provider to manage intakes of the drugs.

What side effects can I expect with Misoprostol?

Misoprostol online from drug store lists the next side effects which are considered to be a normal response of the body to the action of the medicine:

  •  digestive disorders – patients commonly report nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps with Misoprostol. These side effects are easily managed with proper nutrition plan and dieting. It is not recommended to take drugs to relieve unwanted symptoms as they will constantly reoccur after each intake of Misoprostol. Try avoiding dairy products with the medicine and taking the drug on empty stomach. If the symptoms of indigestion worsen or persist, please, contact your health care provider for better management of treatment. In this case only dosage management can improve the condition. However, you must never change your dosage or daily treatment plan on your own.

Mind that diarrhea with Misoprostol is almost impossible to avoid as the drug changes the level of acids in digestive tract. Thus the foods are digested in a different way causing additional load to intestines.

Your doctor will warn you about the effect. The diarrhea appears commonly in a week after the start of treatment and last for about two weeks. This time is needed for digestive system adjustment. After this period the digestive system adjusts to the new way of fermentation and digestion.

While diarrhea with Misoprostol is considered to be a norm. This condition is dangerous for the health and life of a patient. The most typical complications with Misoprostol caused diarrhea are dehydration, lack of essential nutrients and microelements in the body. You can diagnose dehydration and related conditions on your own using the next check list of symptoms:

  •  excessive dizziness
  •  sudden changes in mood
  •  low amounts of urine at a time
  •  weakness in muscles
  •  weakness in legs
  •  low blood pressure
  •  irregular heartbeat
  •  skin dryness

These symptoms require emergency help. Please, report the condition to your doctor to get recommendations of normalizing of water balance in the body. If the condition is not treated properly, then other complications can develop:

  •  menstrual problems
  •  abnormal vaginal bleeding
  •  complete absence of the next menstruation

Allergic reactions are reported rarely by the patients takign Misoprostol. However if you experience typical allergic symptoms as rash, red or pink spots, skin dryness, swelling of tongue and lips, then report the case to your health care provider. Please, do not take any drugs to cope with allergy without prescriptions from your doctor to avoid interactions and condition worsening.

What Misoprostol precautions should I know?

Before you will order Misoprostol online, please, review the section of precautions in medication guide. Top precautions before you buy Misoprostol online are as follows:

Allergic reactions in the health history – if you do not know whether you are allergic to Misoprostol or not, but you have had cases of allergic response to any other drug in your health profile, then it is not recommended to take this medicine without your doctor knowing. Inform your doctor to which drugs your body responds with allergic reactions and your doctor will manage your treatment course considering this symptom

it is not recommended to buy Misoprostol if you had recently inflammatory conditions of stomach and intestines. It is also recommended to report to your health care provider all conditions of intestines – constipations, abnormal diarrhea, bloody stool, increased bowel movements. Then your doctor will prescribe you additional therapy to ease the conditions and to avoid possible reactions to Misoprostol treatment

Patients who smoke or consume alcohol regularly must pass additional examination. Those patients are recommended to take the medicine under strict medical monitoring as bad habits increase the risks of bowel inflammations and bleedings. It goes without saying that continuing smoking or drinking alcohol is impossible during treatment. Report all your bad habits to your

health care provider to get additional medicines prescribed to avoid bleeding and inflammation risks.

Remember that Misoprostol causes abortion. If you buy Cytotec Canada or get the drug prescribed to treat or prevent ulcer, please, warn your doctor about being pregnant, planning pregnancy or not taking any birth control pills or applying any birth control methods.

If you take Misoprostol for abortion, then you need extra medical control. The procedure goes in several steps:

  •  proving pregnancy with lab tests
  •  diagnosing pregnancy with ultrasound investigation – this will show the location of pregnancy

· indicating the term of pregnancy – only early pregnancy up to 6-7 weeks can be terminated with pills as Misoprostol. The term of pregnancy is indicated by the size of the egg and the size of the embryo. If the size is too big for pill abortion, then other methods of pregnancy termination will be offered to you.

The hospital stay for Misoprostol abortion lasts only one day. If a patient does not perform any complications as bleedings, then another ultrasound investigation is made to get sure that the egg with an embryo is expelled from the body and the abortion is complete.

Your health care provider will schedule you next visits to monitor the recovery of your body and the restoration of the uterus. Commonly the day of the pregnancy termination is considered to be the first day of the next menstrual cycle. Your doctor will make additional tests to measure hormonal balance and to monitor the condition of ovaries and endometrium.

Vaginal bleeding after pregnancy termination with Misoprostol is considered to be a norm. Mind that the bleeding can be heavier than your normal menstrual bleeding. You can monitor the volume of blood discharge. If you see that you experience excessive or abnormal bleeding, please, call the emergency as soon as possible.

The medicine also passes into breast milk, that is why it is not recommended to feed a baby with breast milk during the treatment. Please, consult your physician how to stop and then successfully restore breastfeeding of your baby after treatment of stomach ulcer with Cytotec.

Whether it is safe to buy Cytotec online?

You can buy Cytotec Canada from reputable online drug stores supplying original drugs. You will not need a prescription from your health care provider to order Misoprostol online. However, there are certain factors indicating that the drug is fake:

  •  price twice as lower as other online and offline drug stores offer – in most cases very low price indicates expired medicines or low shelf life
  •  the drug is offered in a different form – Cytotec is supplied in pills, if you are offered the medicine in powder or suspension or in pills looking different than original pills, then chances are that these are fake ones
  •  the drug store does not warn you about risks, side effects and possible outcomes of self treatment