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Why to buy drugs from the best online pharmacy? We offer special prices for returning customers, a wide range of brand and generic rx meds as well as provide valuable content created and checked by the top health care practitioners.

Our website provides explicit valuable information on the drug, administrations, diseases, risks, contraindications, precautions of top medicines. The content provided on our website is constantly checked and corrected according to new studies and changes on the pharmaceutical market. All the data are timely and credible and are provided by pharmaceutical and health care practitioners. We hire experts from all health care domains. Our content is created by physicians, gynecologists, psychiatrists, oncologists and other experts.

The staff of our website is constantly improves experience and knowledge base. We constantly search and investigate new drugs and their forms, studies and researches in the domain of pharmacy and medicine. Our experts do not only know how to treat any disease and how to correctly administer a drug, but they practice each day. Real life experience is invaluable for our bets online pharmacy.

How to use our online pharmacy?

First, read the section About Us to get sure that all the data about diseases, conditions, side effects and drugs are credible and correct.

Then search for a drug or a condition you want to treat. Each of drug pages contains explicit and extensive information on the drug. Each drug review contains data about the drug, its administration, routes and forms, efficacy and risks. We offer not only special internet prices for the drugs which you will find in out best online pharmacy, but offer brand and generic rx meds. This is essential for those patients who can not afford expensive brand drugs, but need effective medicines to treat serious diseases.

offer only FDA approved drugs. Each review contains information on whether the drug is brand or generic. We also provide a list of available generic medicines and brand alternatives and analogues for you to have a choice.

Each review contains a warning section about precautions and side effects. We think that each patient must know how to take the drug to enjoy the highest safety for health and life and to avoid unwanted reactions and adverse effects. We explain the best schemes of drug intake and provide proofs why the drugs should be taken in exactly that way.

Our main goal is to provide credible, correct and valuable information to our customers to ensure correct treatment.

All the data we provide on the pages of our website is only for acknowledgement. This means that you are expected to read the information to expand your knowledge on the drug which is prescribed to you by your health care provider or which you consider to take to control or ease certain condition.

We explicitly warn our customers on possible risks and side effects as our goal is not to sell you a drug, but to inform you on the best brand and generic rx meds which are available in the best online pharmacy over the counter with no document prescription from your doctor. As we do not have a chance to check how you will take the drug, then we provide extensive information and rules of intake of each drug and explain how the intake of different forms of the drugs will differ.

Our responsibility

The best online pharmacy works for you to provide credible information on the drugs you can be prescribed or can be using for treatment or ease of certain symptoms. Our main mission is to provide in-depth knowledge base on each drug you can take or be prescribed. To avoid misunderstanding, we do not take responsibility for the outcomes of treatment. We do not diagnose diseases, prescribe drugs and correct the treatment schemes. We only inform our customers on the brand and generic rx meds and provide access to special internet prices.

Each drug description contains warning about the necessity of visiting a doctor, getting examined and tested. We explain how results of lab tests inform correct prescriptions, indications and dosages of the drugs.

This About Us section is the next warning that if you buy brand and generic rx meds without prescription from your doctor, then nobody takes the responsibility for the correctness of treatment and the outcomes of such treatment except you.

Each indication of brand and generic rx meds must consider chronic and current conditions, allergic reactions and personal tolerability of the medicines and many other factors from sex, weight and age to response to the prescribed medication and correction of dosages and schedule of intake.

If you choose a drug from the best online pharmacy, then you will get:

  • ·special internet prices
  •  valuable tips and recommendations on intake
  •  correct warnings about precautions and possible side effects

However we can not take the responsibility for the way you take the drug, the dosages which you will take and the response of your body. We warn our customers that constant medical supervision is needed for any condition from mild sinusitis to severe cancer conditions as breast cancer.

Where we get the drugs?

We do not buy drugs to resell then later to you. We cooperate with major pharmaceutical companies and get the lowest special internet prices from them for being wholesale customers. We do not order brand and generic rx meds from unknown resellers or from unknown producers. We thoroughly check each manufacturer and all the documents needed to officially produce and sell medications.

Thus we avoid unknown drugs or unknown forms and generic analogues of well known medicines. Our goal is to supply high quality and top effective and safe medications at the best special internet prices. Some of the drugs are much cheaper than other online drug stores offer. However there are rather expensive positions. This is not due to our unwillingness to offer you the best internet price, but due to the high cost of the drug production and its components.

This About Us section informs you on how we work for your and what our mission is. We hope our best online pharmacy will be of great use for you in search, research and purchase of essential drug. We offer top wanted medicines which are on the list of essentials of the World Health Organisation.