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Zithromax: mechanism of action, treated diseases, purchase guide

Zithromax is a cheap antibiotic drug used to treat a vast range of bacterial infections in intestines, urinary tract, genital area and other body parts. Find out how to take the drug effectively and save on treatment?

Zithromax is one of the essential antibiotics in health care system. The antibiotic treats a wide range of infections including certain sexually passed diseases as gonorrhea and chlamydia infections. However the medicine is also administered to treat bacterial conditions of middle ear and respiratory tract, various types of pneumonias and certain infections of skin. The drug belongs to the macrolide type of antibiotics.

Zithromax works by interfering into protein synthesis of bacterial DNA structures thus stopping them from replication. With no new DNA structures bacterial cells are unable to grow and divide. The bacteria stop growing and the immune system turns able to suppress the infection and clear the bacteria out from the body.

Due to the mechanism of action Zithromax will not work for treatment of viral infections as cold or flu or syphilis. Before you buy Zithromax, please, get sure that you have a bacterial infection caused with susceptible strains of microorganisms. Due to significant anti-inflammatory effect, this antibiotic can improve the symptoms of viral disease for a while, but it will not ensure recovery. Moreover, taking a wrong drug for a viral infection increases the risk of passing a disease to other people a patient contacts with.

Zithromax online official source also claims that the drug will not work against resistant strains of bacteria. This means that taking the drug will be useless and may worsen the case. Moreover the bacteria may increase resistance and will need another scheme of treatment decreasing the efficiency of existing drugs.

How to take Zithromax correctly?

Antibiotics are serious medicines which must never be taken uncontrollably. There is a certain algorithm of actions a patient must take suspecting a bacterial infection:

  •  visiting a doctor and reporting bothersome symptoms, chronic disease and recent changes in the way of life
  •  passing all necessary lab tests – according to the patient’s complaints a doctor may decide on taking blood, urine and swab tests (considering the localization of infection)
  •  interpreting test results correctly considering specific conditions

Your consulting physician or infection disease specialist will prescribe you optimum treatment which will effectively treat the infection. Mind that Zithromax is available under other brand names as Azithromycin. You can buy Zithromax online or offline following the prescriptions from your doctor.

The recommendations for Zithromax or Doxycycline purchase

Before you buy Zithromax, you need to know the next rules of proper intake:

  •  buy Zithromax only in dosages prescribed to you; if you buy Zithromax without
  • prescription, please, read carefully the medication guide provided with the drug. Follow the recommended dosages for your case
  •  to achieve fast recovery you must take this antibiotic in even intervals of time – it is recommended to set notifications on any gadget you always have at hand; missing a dosage will give bacteria time to “recover” and develop resistance to the action of the antibiotic. That is why it is strongly recommended to buy Zithromax in advance. Seeing and consulting your consulting physician or infections specialist will inform you how many pills you will need for a complete course of treatment of the infection.

Other tips how to take Zithromax:

The medicine is taken by mouth, do not chew, crash or split a pill. You must not buy pills of larger dosage than the drug is prescribed to you.

The pill can be taken with or without foods, however taking Zithromax on an empty stomach increases the risk of upset stomach – one of the most frequent side effects of this antibiotic. If this does not help and you still feel bad with Zithromax, please, report the case to your infection disease expert as soon as possible. Do not increase or lower a single dosage of Zithromax on your own, as this may affect the efficacy of the treatment.

Zithromax is a fast acting drug. Most patients report the ease of symptoms right after the first few intakes. However feeling good does not mean recovery from a disease. Take the drug for as long as it is prescribed to you by your infectious disease expert. Absence of symptoms is risky not only for your health but for the health of your family and sexual partner (or partners) as you will still be contagious for people you contact with while you will not feel any symptoms or will not have present (evident) symptoms.

It is recommended to pass necessary lab tests again in three weeks after you finish the treatment course. This will indicate the efficacy of treatment and will inform your consulting physician or infection expert, whether you need additional course of treatment with Zithromax or not.

Note that certain medications and herbs may decrease the efficacy of the medicine or to slow down its absorption. That is why:

  •  inform your doctor on all medicines you take constantly or occasionally
  •  take the drugs separately in order to avoid reactions of interactions as well as to avoid decrease of antibiotic efficacy
  •  certain combinations are impossible as can lead to anaphylaxis or organ or poly-organic failure

If you must take other drugs regularly, please, be sure to keep an interval between intakes for at least two hours.

Mind that different conditions require different dosages of Zithromax. That is why never share your drug with other patients as well as never recommend taking Zithromax without prior valid diagnostics as well as seeing a doctor.

Note that Zithromax can be prescribed as key medicine for treatment of the bacterial infection or can be included into a treatment scheme. If you buy Zithromax online pharmacy without prescription, please, do not combine the drugs even if you have already been prescribed Zithromax in this combination sometimes before.

The dosage of Zithromax will depend on the type of bacterial, avidity of bacteria as well as scale of

contamination (these parameters can be diagnosed only via blood, urine or swab tests).

What conditions are treated with Zithromax?

Zithromax is a wide spectrum antibiotic valid for treatment of bacterial infections of various body parts. Among the most common infections which are susceptible to the action of the drug and are effectively treated with the pills are:

  •  gonorrhea
  •  chlamydia
  •  mycoplasma
  •  respiratory tract infections – ear and middle ear infections, bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonias
  •  skin infections caused with streptococcus

The drug is also used to prevent possible infections in case of direct exposure to the source of contamination. Such cases are unprotected sexual intercourses with new sexual partners. In this case Zithromax is prescribed in preventive low dosages and for a comparatively short period of time (up to 5 days).

Possible side effects with Zithromax

Zithromax is a safe and commonly a well tolerable antibiotic with fast effect. It relieves the symptoms from the first intake (but certain conditions require up to three intakes to be eased with Zithromax).

The most frequent side effects claimed by the drug manufacturer and proved by patients are from the part of digestive system. Patients commonly report the symptoms of upset stomach – nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. In rare cases patients report moderate to severe abdominal pain followed with diarrhea or stomach cramps. In most cases these symptoms can be easily managed with simple diet and proper nutrition plan. It is recommended to avoid dairy products.

Taking the pills with food may also improve the symptoms. However if the symptoms of indigestion which you correlate with Zithromax are persistent or get worse, then report the case to your health care provider, but do not withdraw the drug without your doctor knowing. Early withdrawal of the antibiotic may result in new outbreak of the infection. Digestive side effects are not risky for your health.

However there are serious side effects which require immediate treatment changes. Among these conditions there are:

  •  hearing loss or changes
  •  vision problems
  •  swelling of mouth (lips and tongue)
  •  difficulties with spelling
  •  weakness of muscles
  •  overall fatigue
  •  yellowing of eyes and skin
  •  dark urine
  •  blood in stool or urine
  •  irregular heartbeat, fainting,

These symptoms are rare, they must not be considered as a variation of norm. Such conditions

require immediate medical care.

As a result of a prolonged treatment with Zithromax women may develop yeast infection. This condition is considered to be a norm, however it also requires medical help. Please, do not undertake any attempts of uncontrolled treatment. Report the symptom to your doctor to get optimum indications. Common treatments of yeast infections in this case may turn ineffective due to the constant action of the antibiotic.

Zithromax commonly does not cause allergic reactions, but in rare cases a severe allergy is possible. This is one of few cases when you must stop taking the medicine and call the emergency immediately.

Your algorithm of actions when noticing side effects with Zithromax:

  •  do not try to manage a daily or one time dosage of Zithromax on your own
  •  try to indicate whether a bothersome symptom is related to Zithromax or other actions could induce such a reaction (for example, eating a new product, physical or mental stress, etc)
  •  consult your health care provider on an optimum dosage to avoid side effects – ask your doctor about duration of the treatment course; mind that lower dosages may increase the duration of the treatment course according to Zithromax online official source
  •  buy Zithromax online in a due dosage and go on treatment as it is indicated by your health care provider

Top precautions you must know before Zithromax purchase

The spectrum of precautions for Zithromax is quite common. There are certain groups of patients who must not take Zithromax or must take the antibiotic with additional care. These groups are:

  •  patients with allergic reactions to any medicines in the health profile
  •  pregnant patients (women), patients planning pregnancy (men and women)
  •  children under 12 years old
  •  geriatric patients due to cardiovascular problems, high risk of renal and liver dysfunction
  •  muscle disease as the drug may worsen such conditions

Mind that if you kid gets Zithromax prescription during vaccination period, then you must part these events. Keep an interval between Zithromax treatment and vaccination at least for two weeks as the antibiotic may decrease the efficiency of the vaccine.

Can I buy Zithromax without prescription?

Zithromax purchase is strictly regulated by medical governmental authorities. Thus you can not buy Zithromax offline without prescription, however this antibiotic is available online without receipt from your doctor.

You can buy Zithromax online, but mind that neither official drug store, nor drug producer, nor your health care provider will take responsibility for the outcome of self treatment.

If you buy Zithromax online without seeing your doctor, please, follow the recommendations provided in the medication guide strictly. Mind that any medication guide describes only average cases of the diseases and possible schemes of intake.

We will not recommend you dosages and schemes of treatment with Zithromax as only your doctor,

considering specific individual conditions, can prescribe you treatment. These specific conditions are:

  •  scale of contamination
  •  strain of bacteria
  •  infected body part
  •  sex, age and weight of a patient
  •  chronic conditions
  •  regular treatments

If you take the drug without specific recommendations from your health care provider, then please follow the lowest dosages indicated for you. In case of any unusual reactions which you correlate with drug intake, please, call the emergency as soon as possible. Warn the doctors about your treatment indicating the manufacturer of the drug, the form, the dosages you take and the length of treatment you have already taken.

If you buy Zithromax online without prior consulting your health care provider, then you must know about the risks of overdosing. This condition is commonly presented with rapid worsening of your overall condition: you may feel tremor, fever, excessive sweating, increased or unstable heartbeat, spots on skin (white and red), unusual reactions of pupils to light. This condition can be lethal. If you suspect overdosing with Zithromax, please, call the emergency and report your scheme of treatment with this drug.

To avoid such risks, read the section of overdosing in medication guide carefully before Zithromax purchase.