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Nolvadex: conditions treated, ways of administration Nolvadex purchase guide

Nolvadex is administered for prevention (in women only) and treatment of breast cancer (in both men and women). The drug acts as anti-estrogen preventing malformations from growing.

Nolvadex is the first line medicine for prevention and treatment of breast cancer. Its key active ingredient is Tamoxifen. Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) is only a prescription drug which is administered on an individual schedule for each patient considering the health background, tests results, disease condition and other factors as weight, age, sex, related and chronic diseases. The drug must never be taken without strict medical monitoring from the part of your physician and oncologist. Nolvadex is a long term treatment which must be taken daily in certain dosages. An average treatment plan of breast cancer is 5 years.

Why Nolvadex must not be taken without medical supervision?

Nolvadex changes the balance of key hormones in the body. Moreover the d rug changes the way the tissues of the body accept and interact with hormones. Nolvadex is commonly administered to patients with severe cancer conditions and active metastatic processes in other body parts.

Mind that not all of the tumours are cancer and not every induration is a malformation. Each case

requires serious laboratory tests and analysis. The most effective and high precision diagnostics method is a biopsy of a new formation in breast tissues. This is a procedure of extraction of cells which are then tested for being normal or cancer. This type of test also indicates the severity of the condition and informs oncologist on proper treatment schemes.

Before Nolvadex purchase you must understand that Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) may not recover you from the disease. In most cases a timely start of treatment ensures successful recovery in 67% of case. But in major cases doctors prefer compound schemes of treatment. Patients commonly get Nolvadex as a supplementing treatment together with chemo or radio therapy as well as before and after surgery. Surgery of breast cancer does not mean mastectomy. In most cases surgeons extract only tumour tissues leaving the mammary gland unchanged.

How to get prescription for Nolvadex (Tamoxifen)?

Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) is prescribed to two categories of patients, both of which must be well examined before treatment administration.

The first group of patients are men and women with evident symptoms of breast cancer proved with lab tests, biopsy and other related factors.

The second group of patients are women with high risk of developing breast cancer. Among the top risk factors of developing breast cancer there are:

  •  age – women who are close to menopause are more prone to develop breast cancer due to rapid changes of hormonal balance in the body, poor ovary function, changes in pituitary gland functioning.
  •  family history – if a woman has close relatives (mother, sisters, aunts, etc.) who have experienced breast cancer, then she is in the group of high risk. Some studies prove that the risks of breast cancer development double in case a woman’s mother have experienced breast cancer.
  •  genetics – over 10% of cases of breast cancer are developed due to inherited abnormal genes, which make a body function in a different way and producing different levels of hormones.
  •  previous cases of cancer, new formations in breast tissues, repeated cases of hormonal imbalance – if a patient have already had a case of listed above conditions, then the risks of developing breast cancer are much higher. Some studies claim the risks growing 4-5 times higher than in rest of the patients.
  •  race and ethnicity – it is proved with years of monitoring that white women are more prone to develop breast cancer than women of other races.
  •  overweight – excessive weight causes additional load to the body parts, changes key body parts function in a different way. Obesity changes the way key glands are functioning and causes hyperplasias. In obese patients risks of breast cancer development are doubled.
  •  late pregnancy – patients who experienced full term pregnancy very late (after 30) are more prone to develop breast cancer than those who had babies before 30.
  •  short term breastfeeding – breastfeeding is a natural process lowering the hormone

production in the body. A woman commonly turns infertile during feeding a baby. This interval is necessary for hormonal and reproductive systems to restore after pregnancy and to normalize functioning. In women with short term breastfeeding the reproductive system does not manage to restore and starts functioning in an exhausted condition.

  •  menstrual history – female patients who started menstruating earlier than 12 years old are more prone to develop breast cancer than other patients. Please, do not forget to ask your sisters and mother about their menstruation start to get a full history.
  •  smoking and alcohol consumption – beer, wine and liquor boost the risk of developing hormone receptor positive types of breast cancer.

There are also many other risks increasing chances for developing cancer conditions in breast tissues. Among them there are malnutrition (lack of vitamins and nutrients), poor physical activity, using certain cosmetics care products, long exposure to various chemicals and others. It is important for you to understand that there are no chances to prevent breast cancer completely. However this does not mean that you must neglect evident symptoms.

What symptoms indicating breast cancer and necessity of Nolvadex (Tamoxifen)?

There is a range of symptoms pointing to high risk of developing of breast cancer. These symptoms are:

  •  new formations or changes in the density of breast tissues during palpation
  •  pain during palpation
  •  changes in skin and color of breast tissues
  •  changes of nipples – form and sensitivity
  •  discharge from the nipples
  •  changes in menstrual cycle which are not related to other treatments, diseases or lifestyle changes

Please, do not take Nolvadex or any other hormonal therapy without your doctor knowing. All the listed above symptoms are only indicating the risk of having breast cancer. Only your doctor after thorough investigation can diagnose malformation in breast tissues.

How to take Nolvadex?

After being tested and examined your health care provider will prescribe you a course of therapy including Nolvadex. You can buy Nolvadex online or offline, but online drug stores commonly offer lower prices and more favourable terms for bulk orders considering that this medicine is prescribed for a long term treatment.

Even taking the treatment with Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) under a strict medical control of your oncologist, please, read the medication guide provided with the pills right before you will take the first pill.

The medication guide will tell you possible side effects and will give tips on how to take the drug more effectively. The matter is that the absorption of drugs may be affected with meals, time of the day and taking other drugs before or right after the pills.

Please, mind that the medication guide for Nolvadex provides only general information and describes only average cases of diseases and common dosages administered for indicated

conditions. Your physician or oncologist have much more information about your condition to make better and more precise prescriptions for your individual case. Please, consult your physician if you doubt the indications of Nolvadex, but do not change the prescribed dosages and frequency of intakes on your own. Rapid changes of levels of active ingredient taken during a day may boost the risk of disease recurrence.

Before Nolvadex purchase, please, ask your online doctor for how long you will need to take the drug. Buy Nolvadex online for the first time and try pills following the indications of your doctor. This will help you to avoid side effects and personal intolerability of the drug. Later on you will be able to buy Nolvadex in big quantities to ensure an advanced supply of the drug for treatment. You must not skip intakes.

The medicine can be taken with or without foods. For breast cancer prevention the drug is prescribed in preventive dosages which are taken once a day. For breast cancer treatment the pills are prescribed on an individual schedule, usually two pills a day taken in the morning and in the evening. Commonly only big dosages of Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) which are equal to 20mg or larger are taken twice a day split in even dosages (10mg/10mg).

The drug is available in pills and in syrup. If you opt for liquid form of the medicine, please, be careful when measuring a one-time dosage. Use only a measuring spoon provided with the medicine. Do not use any other measuring appliances or household spoons as the measuring can be incorrect.

You must support a constant level of the drug in your body. That is why Nolvadex should be taken in even intervals of time (12 or 24 hours). That is why it is recommended to set notifications on a gadget which you will always have at hand. Be sure to always have pills at hand if you are out at the moment of intake. Each missed dosage increases the risk of disease development or recurrence.

Patients with severe cases of cancer may experience severe pain during Nolvadex treatment. This is not a side effect but a variation of norm which can be experienced by patients. Ask your doctor about allowed pain killers which are not contraindicated in your case. Do not take other drugs as Nolvadex may interact with additional medicines. The highest risk is that pain killers which you can take may affect the efficacy of Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) and thus the treatment or prevention will be useless. Pain is considered to be a norm and is a sign of positive effect of the treatment.

Pain is considered to be a positive response of the body to the treatment. Moreover, some patients can experience tumour increasing in size, development of new tumours and overall worsening of the condition. Commonly these symptoms disappear soon after the start of the treatment, however if the symptoms are persistent and turn bothersome, then you must report the case to your doctor. It is recommended to keep in touch with your health care provider to get consultations as soon as something bothersome happens to your overall condition.

The drug is absorbed through skin or with breathed in air. The drug affects fetus in pregnant women and can cause birth defects. That is why Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) must not be administered to women being pregnant or planning pregnancy. Moreover the medicine must not be handled by pregnant women.

If a couple plans pregnancy and a man gets prescription for Nolvadex treatment, then pregnancy planning must be stopped as the drug penetrates to all body tissues and liquids including testicles and sperm cells.

What side effects can I expect with Nolvadex?

Before Nolvadex purchase, please, read the medication guide listing side effects of the drug carefully. The next paragraphs will describe only average cases as well as specific reactions to the medicine. In case you doubt the efficacy of the drug for your case, please, consult your doctor.

Among the most typical side effects there are hot flashes, indigestion presented with stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting and in rare cases diarrhea. Patients taking Nolvadex for a long term treatment report hair thinning and falling out, skin changes, headaches.

Men commonly report loss of sexual drive and inability to develop erection. These side effects are not life threatening. When the treatment will be finished all the functions will restore. However if the symptoms are bothersome or somehow affect the quality of life, then report them to your health care provider. Your oncologist or physician will prescribe you additional treatments to improve overall feeling and conditions.

But there are serious side effects which will force you into withdrawal of the drug. Among these side effects there are:

  •  abnormal bleeding
  •  vision changes or total loss
  •  hearing changes or total loss
  •  mental and mood changes
  •  abnormal swelling
  •  blood in stool or urine or both

Allergic reactions are rare but possible. They are presented with a standard set of symptoms as itching, rashes, red or pink spots, drying and peeling of skin, swelling of tongue, lips and face. In case you experience such symptoms, please, report your case to health care provider. Nolvadex online communities and forums uniting patients getting prolonged treatment with this drug are also a perfect source of knowledge and practical tips on how to ease your conditions and tolerability with the drug.